1932 EVANS GAMBLING & PENNY ARCADE DEVICES CATALOG VG+ 80 pp Profusely illustrated with complicated equipment. PARK AND CARNIVAL EQUIPMENT CATALOG Made by H. C. Evans & Company Chicago 1932 ( because company was founded in 1892 and says it's the 40th year) 80 pages on heavy glossy paper bound in printed color paper wrappers. Almost every page is illustrated with some pages having multiple images. Everything is described and priced. Several prices have been changed in red printed ink. All types of gambling spinning wheels, Horse racing games, Keno equipment, shooting gallery equipment. With a full page view of an Evans "Walking Charley" baseball game ( see pic 5) and a stand up baseball player that catches balls for 10 cents. Also, featured is a "Mrs. O'Leary's Wash Tub" ball catching game. Also, Bowling games, Fish pond, throw the hoops, penny boards, hand striker, Pin Ball tables, Magic Pointer, "Housey-Housey" or tango cart, Add a Ball Game, Cat Rack throwing game, Automatic Roll Down, Improved Bee Hive, Worlds Fair Striker, Evan's Big Push, Evan's Striker etc. etc. all illustrated, described and priced. In VG+ condition with all pages and NO soiling, stains, marks, tears, chips, pieces cut out etc. All pages are tightly bound in VG+ covers. The front cover has a faint paper peel in top corner. antique amusement park games, ... read more