Rare 1932 Ives 1764E Electric Outline Locomotive

Original 1932 Ives 1764E Locomotive

This is a very rare 1932 Ives 1764E New Haven style locomotive painted in terra cotta and maroon. This engine is the last of the Ives wide gauge production, and was made when Ives was owned solely by Lionel, and was mated to matching Ives 1766, 1767, and 1768 cars. The engine is approximately 17 inches long.

This engine is incredibly difficult to find, and is in very good condition with play wear. Please examine the pictures to see the condition of this engine.

This engine has a Lionel Build-A-Loco motor. The Ives production at this time used Lionel motors, and may have had either an Ives or Lionel bottom plate. This motor has had the pendulum reverse unit removed, and is wired to run in one direction. The drive wheels are replacements by McCoy. The pony truck wheels appear to be original.

There appears to be some thinly applied glue on the bottom of each pilot. The pilots are tabbed down, and I do not know why this was done. You need to look at the engine from below to see it.

This engine is a rare find, and a great piece for the collection. It is in nice original shape.

Most collectors probably will never have the opportunity to even see one of these engines in person, as they are quite scarce. This is an opportunity to own one, and an opportunity
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