This is an RCA model 280 floor model radio from 1932 in very good condition. This is a 'high-end' model RCA and has an elaborate cabinet with sliding doors which hide the dial area, 6 legs, and rich veneers. The electronics feature 12 tubes, including a pair of type 59's using push-pull for audio output, as well as the 10 additional tubes:type 55-1. type 56-4, type 58-4, and type 5Z3-1. The dial area includes 6 knobs, including 2 with thermometer type indicators (the supressor knob and the volume knob), as we a separate knob for the high tone and the low tone control. The cabinet measures about 42 inches high, 29 inches wide, and 16 inches deep. I am unable to test the set as the power cord is in poor condition. As this was an expensive radio, produced in the midst of the great depression, very few were produced, and very few exist today. This vintage, 75 year old Zenith will make an excellent addition to your collection. Due to its size, I will not be able to ship this and it is being offered as pick-up only. I will co-operate with any shipping arrangements that you are able to make and will deliver it to your local shipper for a nominal fee. I am located about 30 miles north of Philadelphia, near the Pennsylvania turnpike. Thanks for taking a look and good luck bidding! +