1934 Chicago World's Fair Sky Ride 97c Elongated Cent / "Penny

From the World's Fair at Chicago 1933-1934. "A Century of Progress" was on reclaimed land on a portion of Burnaby Park between 12th and 39th Streets in Chicago, Illinois. Originally intended to run only May-November 1933, it was such a success that it was re-opened in May 1934 and ran until the end of October that year. This features the Sky Ride. Rolled on a Lincoln Cent . ILL-CPIE 97c - R2. I have found a better and more economical supplier of bubble mailers, and am therefore lowering the cost of S&H in those mailers with delivery confirmation to $2.50 - and I will combine all elongateds purchased and paid for in one payment in a one week period . In some circumstances, a bit longer - but you'll have to communicate with me (and most of you are great at that)! Let me know that you are bidding on other pieces, and I will wait to invoice you. As always, I appreciate you looking, welcome all questions (I try to get back as soon as I can), and I am grateful for your bids. Thank you for your business.