1934 Jan. Vanity Fair Stalin,Cities,Actors,Paper Dolls,MarieDressler,Karloff,Ads

January 1934 Vanity Fair

Josef Stalin,International Cities, Canadian High Spots (Skiing)

Actors: Leslie Howard, Katharine Hepburn, Ethel Waters, Diana Wynyard, the Ebsens, Lyda Roberti, Marie Dressler & Boris Karloff

Artists: Edward Hopper, Degas, Nellie Tayloe Ross, Voncent Sheean, Romney Brent

Paper Dolls, Canada, Money, Speaker Rainey Rep. Wadsworth, Old New York Drinking Places, Women's Magazines circa 1930's, "New Heads for Old Crowns," Fatal NYC Hansom Cab circa 1904 & Murder, "The Wettest New Year," Radio, Men's Clothing, Red Scare, and the St. Bernard dog!, Fabulous Ads

Nothing explains American culture circa 1934 like this marvelous magazine and its ads and articles. If you've read Erik Larsen's In the Garden of the Beasts these articles are a must for you, too. It's like walking into the time...

Condition notes: The magazine is in remarkably fine condition, pages clean & colors bright, binding is tight, corners slightly bumped -- overall very remarkable and very good +++

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