1934 Louis Marx wind-up toy JOE PENNER & HIS DUCK GOO-GOO w box 1st time listed

1934 Louis Marx tin wind-up toy JOE PENNER AND HIS DUCK GO-GOO, WANNA buy a duck? You are bidding on the exact toy in the pictures. The pictures� accurately depict the condition.One of the most popular Joe Penner collectibles is the wind-up tin toy walker produced by Louis Marx & Company in 1934. Marx was one of the era's largest and most successful manufacturers of tin toys, and produced several figures depicting popular stars of the day.� � The toy winds up smoothly and works very smoothly. His legs move and the small wheels roll him across the floor. His hat goes up and down and his cigar moves in and out. The hat and cigar are the original parts as is everything else. The original box has some damage but overall is quite displayable. The top flap is disconnected and some seams have been taped decades ago but it is exactly like the pictures. 80%+ complete with the potential to repair it a bit.The paint is all original.� This is the first time this toy has ever been listed. This is the first time it has been out on my mother-in-laws closet for 60 years or more. She is 87 and it was hers as a child. She can use the money more than this toy now.