1935 High School Yearbook Hank Ketcham / Rudy Zallinger

I am offering a 1937 Queen Anne High School Yearbook from Seattle Wa. This is quite an interesting yearbook. The graduating class had HANK KETCHAM who went on to work for Walter Lantz, Walt Disney (Fantasia & Pinocchio) before he created the comic strip character Dennis The Menace. You can find many photos of him throughout this book including the photo of him as a Yell Leader (He is the one on the ground). RUDY ZALLINGER, he went on to become the Artist-In- Resident at Yale and Painted the Pulitzer Prize Winning "The Age Of Reptiles" in the Great Hall of the Peabody Museum Of Natural History at Yale. His paintings of prehistoric times are unsurpassed still today. He also painted "March of Progress" the iconic image of a knuckle-walking ape on the left, progressing to the right through a series of apemen, and finishing with modern man. T are a few photos of him and he is the artist who drew the sketches of some of the other graduating seniors including Ketcham, a portrait of himself, and EDO VANNI who is considered the father of baseball in Seattle. T are many photos of him also including sports. High bidder pays actual postage and insurance.

****NOTE**** This is the 1937 Yearbook, I made a mistake in the title and said 1935.