I am so pleased to offer you today the 1936 diary of Herbert C. Wells,from Hartford Conn.Herbert lived with his wife,Jennie on the farm they owned,and had two daughters,Eleanor,and Louisa that lived fairly close,with their families.This is another one of those diaries that touches your heart and makes you feel like you knew the person who wrote it.When Herbert began writing this diary,he and Jennie were staying in a hotel in town,and moved back to the farm when the weather started to warm up.Jennie was quite sick,and I suppose it was warmer for her there.Herbert made trips to the farm often and brought eggs and other things to sell in town,and give to his daughters,and others.When they do go back to their farm,he gets an ambulance to take Jennie.Herbert was very devoted to her,and took care of her by himself,with help from his daughters,until he finally has to get a nurse to stay and help him.Jennie must have had some form of dementia,because she was forgetting more,and more each day,and could do less everyday,but somedays were better than others.She was very often depressed and Herbert wrote about that.She also had other health problems,because they were giving her pheno barbitol,and morphene.Herbert was a very successful man,and had a hired man,and others that helped with the farm work,and had quite an interest in stocks and bonds ... read more