1936 Hindenburg 1st Flight Cover w/4 25-cent stamps **

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1936 Cover. Cachet commemorating First Flight of the Hindenburg Frankfurt, Germany/Lakehurst, New Jersey. Return address seal/stamp/cachet is Lakehurst First Hindenburg Flight Frankfurt am Main. Above the cachet is written "By Zeppelin Hindenburg".
4 25-cent US Postage Stamps with wavy line cancel, round double circle cancel, and a postmark reading New York, N.Y., May 11, 4 PM, 1936.
On the back, lower left corner, is a cachet with a picture of a zeppelin with LZ-129 inside the outline of the airship, and "Mit Luftschiff Hindenburg Befordert. There is a round postmark reading Frankfurt Am Main ?? 36 8-9 b.
Addressed to: Robert A. Winter, U.S. Veterans' Hospital #106, Minneapolis, Minn. There is a partial postmark over the address, but its incomplete and can't guess at what it said.
Size: 6-1/2" x 3-1/2". Cover is sealed, nothing inside.
Condition: Good with foxed stripes on the back, and some light soiling on the back.
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