1936 Medical Kit, Sinclair Pipeline Co.Dated, First Aid

This item up for bids is a very quique piece. Its a dated 1936 Sinclair Pipe Line Company First Aid Kit, Metal, mostly full. Boxes have their original items in them. They are really pretty neat items. The boxes are labeled and most are full but some of them have an item or two missing from a lot. They all have some of their orginal items in them. The kit is heavy metal, with flip out clips on the rear for mounting to a bulk head. The kit is dated the 10th of January 1936. This is just a very impressive kit and the medical items are just super vintages pieces. Some of the items are not made any longer and those will be very unique collectables. This will make a nice display set for sure. Just a super item well aged and nicely preserved. Enjoy and thanks for browsing our items.