I am offering for sale a group of eight coronation dishes and mugs. The two large plates (9")commemorates King George and Queen Elizabeth of England in 1937. The maker is Sovereign Potters in Canada. The 3 3/4" plate is for Queen Elizabeth II by Victoria Pottery Fenton, made in England. The 4 1/2" plate is also for Queen Elizabeth II. It is made by Royal Albert in England and numbered 14. All four mugs (cups) are for Queen Elizabeth II. The first cup is made by Tuscan in England. The second cup is made in England and signed with the initials WP. This cup has two places on the edge which are rough, but not chipped. This is a flaw in the manufacturing process. The third cup is Royal Albert from England. The fourth cup is made by "British Pottery Manufacturers Federation". This last cup has a piece of tape on the bottom which reads "Stan Korea 1953". This item was purchased by an American serviceman in Korea during his tour of duty t This collection is from this same person who has decided to sell some of his collections due to his relocation from a larger home to a condominium. This is a ready-made collection for the novice collector or a great addition to any established collection. If you have any questions, please send an email. I will answer. Thanks for your interest!