1937 Audubon Birds Prints Lot Flamingo Pelican Heron

First Edition 1937 JJ Audubon Birds of America Art Prints - Collection of 9 Individual Prints

Here is a collection of 9 John James Audubon Bird Art Prints. They are vintage bookplate prints from a scarce, out-of-print book of art plates. These are all from the first edition and first release of the book in 1937. They are the genuine pages from this old book and each carries an image and/or text on the reverse side. They measure approximately 8 1/2” x 11 1/2” (trimmed down from their original 9" x 12" size) to the edges of the paper and there is some descriptive text (not shown) underneath each picture. The images you see on our auction page are of the actual vintage prints you will receive - not all eBay sellers can promise this on their offer for 1937 Audubon prints. Attesting to their authenticity you will find that each of the pieces demonstrate appropriate aging, tanning and specking. Each piece is unique and has its own characteristics so please review the close up images supplied. The paper is a rich egg shell crème color with the bird images being vivid and bold. They would be an excellent addition to any ornithology collection .

Included in this lot are:

Plate # 431 Falmingo
Plate # 311 White Pelican

Plate # 321 Roseate Spoonbill
Plate # 242 Snowy Egret
Plate # 250 Artic Tern
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