1937 Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Calendar Kids w Chessie

This is a 1937 Railroad Calendar of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Lines. It is a treasure with aging discoloration and some minor tearing near the hanger. Minor spotting. The children are adorable and Chessie is a precious cat. Her kittens are just as cute. The sketches are by artist, Lemuel Thomas. Description as follows:

Page 1 : Jan, Feb and March - Sleepy Child stretches as he awakens up next to his bed with Chessie barely opening her eyes. Chessie has a big red heart encircled around her. Entitled, " America's Sleepheart". This is the cover page.

Page 2: April, May and June - In their pajamas, the children kneel beside their bed to say their prayers. Chessie is covered up in bed and almost asleep. "...and don't forget Chessie."

Page 3: July, August and September - A larger picture of Chessie lying in bed covered up, ready for a nap. Sleep like a Kitten, arrive Fresh as a Daisy was the company's logo. "Chessie as we found her".

Page 4: Oct, Nov and December - Mama Chessie and her twin kittens taking a nap. "Chessie and her first family". This one has some writing on the months of Nov and December. Looks like notes about bills being paid. Color is off in this photo. The other pages are a more realistic tone.

This calendar is incredible for its age. Measures 13 1/2" wide by 16" long.
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