1937 Chevrolet Humidor Box Syroco SyrocoWood Antique

This is an old Syroco humidor with a wood removable box inside forcigars. The humidor box itself weighs 7 pounds! Look at the beautifulcarvings on it. It measures 12 1/4 inches wide, 9 1/4 inches deep and is about 3 inches high. On the box lid it says:
Chevrolet Dealer Chevrolet Used Car Committee 1937
It has the SyrocoWood label on the bottom. It is is good condition for being almost 70 years old. I have been told the corners have been retouched with gold paint, but I'm not sure. It looks original to me. I think it has also had some type of finish applied--varnish of some type?? T is one wear spot on the inside of the lid near the middle w the finish is worn off. It may have had a chip that was filled with something. It is just a little different color. The lid is hinged on with one big hinge all the way across and is very tight. The bottom had round pads that are practically worn off and new square pads were applied to the corners, to protect furniture, I suppose. T are wear spots on the edges. I prefer Paypal.