1937 seal rare pack of LISTERINE cigarettes

a vintage pack of LISTERINE cigarettes pack has 20 inside the pack has two pin hole on the top right & lelf hand top corner and it has a state stamp on the baack for 2 cents IOWA The color and art work on this pack are a collector dream this maybe why I use to have 4 or 5 of the same brand but as you get a little older its time to cut back so up for auction today i have two dble the listerine and a flat 50 very Rare white well be going up for auction today check it out so we don't get mix up this auction is for the LISTERINE pack only MADE BY LANBERT PHARMACAL,COMPANY ST.LOUIS MISSOURI . The foil is made of tin foil meaning its early pack before they start using aluminum the pack is very clean just a great pack for any collectors display case know for the rules bidder must be 18 years of age the packages has not been opened but the product within is not for consumption itself and the packaging is greater then the current retail market price of todays market place these are truly only antiques paypal rules no paypal payment on tobacco items it would truly be nice if they would email every one and update people .its better then closing a man or women account up .the money maybe cash they need to feed t with you just never know my friends i take postal money order only , God bless all of you guy my friend that i gotten to know over ... read more