1937 Signed Postcard TIZZIE LISH Bill Comstock Rare

1937 Hand Signed Photo Postcard by "Tizzie Lish" a.k.a. Bill Comstock Appears to have been signed in Black Ink but from age or smearing of some sort areas are now blue. This has not been touched-up or altered after receiving. Very evident under a magnifying glass.
There is some light corner damage as can be seen in the photo above.
Bill Comstock, who played Tizzie.She was a daffy character heard on “Al Pearce and His Gang in the 1930s and 40s remembered for her trademark greeting “Hello folksies!” After Pearce’s show left the air, it appears that someone came up with the idea of featuring Lizzie in her own five minute series, similar to the short “Falstaff’s Fables” program, heard previously on the blog, that was a spin-off from the Fred Allen Show.
This is from the LA Times, April 13, 1937.
Tizzie Lish, Al Pearce’s “Cooking and Health Expert” . . . Real name is Bill Comstock . . . Born and educated in Syracuse. N. Y. . . . Played drums in Keith vaudeville theaters for seven years, until the World War broke out . . . Wounded in action and sent to Saranac [?] where he was active in promoting benefits for in[jured] soldiers. Bill studied music at Syracuse and in the early days of radio appeared as a member of a Pacific Coast singing trio . . . Rapidly getting nowhere as a vocalist, he decided to try his hand at comedy
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