1939/40 Emerson Tube Radio Model CY-286 Restored & Warranty


I just restored this Emerson CY-286 Antique and Collectible Radio that I bought from a private seller in my area who told me it had only one other owner - his grandmother. It was damaged and deteriorating when I purchased it but I knew I could bring it back to life. After restoration of both the cabinet and electronics, the radio receives both broadcast and shortwave stations and is quite loud! This model had an open back and antenna (kept original) that could be hung somewhere for better reception.

Sometimes I post radio restoration videos or short snippets on my youtube channel. You can find this model before complete restoration here:


10% of this sale will go to charity as my wife and I are active in helping to raise awareness for abused animals.

Thanks for looking!

Here's what's been done to the radio:


1) Cabinet has been stripped, bleached where there was obvious damage, sanded, lacquered with 5 coats and hand rubbed with pumice and paraffin oil like they did in the old days to give it that silky smooth feeling.

2) Removed the asbestos matt and replaced it with a fiberglass to be safe

3) Waxed with beeswax and given a medium-high shine


1) Given new power cord

2) Recapped with
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