This is a 1939 model of the "Cheerio II", a Marblehead 50-800 Class designed by Edson B. Shock, built in 1931 by Fellows & Stewart in San Pedro, California for the famous actor Errol Flynn, king of Hollywood swashbucklers.
This model was built from a blueprint (included in sale) produced by A. J. Fisher, Inc. of Royal Oak, Michigan, maker of model yacht fittings, sails and rigging. The hull is complete but appears never to have been rigged or used. It comes with some but not all spars and a box full of Fisher fittings. I am not sure they are all t Also included are rigging and fitting plans for the finished model and two period Fisher catalogs.
The hull is in excellent condition with fabulous original paint that has never been exposed to the weather.
It measures 50" long, 11" high, 9.5" wide and has a 13lb. lead keel. It comes with the stand shown.
Buyer pays actual shipping plus $50 for professional crating.
I will be unable to ship until the week of April 14th.
I guarantee my sales unconditionally for 10 days from receipt.

I have had a number of questions about the Errol Flynn connection to this model. The model was not made for Flynn but is modeled after his real 46' yacht, "Cheerio II" . Cheerio II was designed by Edson B. Shock and was built by Fellows & Stewart in San Pedro, California.

Just when I thought I had this item figured out, I received conflicting input from an eBay member. He asserts that t is no connection between this model and Errol Flynn's yacht of the same name. I encourage all to Google Cheerio II and Marblehead John Black for extensive history and form your own conclusions. In any event, this is a first-rate model waiting for a skilled hand to complete.

At a bidder's request, we attempted to inventory the spars and fittings that come with this model. We did our best to check the fittings against the drawing, but we're not expert, so I can't be sure about what's t and what's not. I seems the main and jib booms are t along with a spinnaker pole. In terms of fittings, we cannot find the following: Jack Line, Sail Hooks, Mast Band, Jenny-Stay Strut, Double Block, Tang & Turnbuckle, Wire & Screws & Mast Track, Shoulder Cleats, Brass Sheave. Some of these items may be t and we just don;t recognize them. We also find what appear to be extra parts. Also, the rudder is missing. I have added an image I took of the inside of the hull under the hatch cover. It is appears to be made of mahogany boards attached to frames, although it is not plank on frame. The boards are wider than planks. Note that the keel is attached to the hull with brass wing nuts that seem the same as the fittings. This leads me to believe that the hull is also a Fisher kit. I have no idea of the age of the hull or its maker.

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