RARE 1939 Philco PT-69 ART DECO Wood Tube Radio w/ Clock WORKING

Manufactured by Philco for the 1939 model year the PT-69 is a
radio clock combo in a uniquely designed trapezoidal cabinet
featuring a dramatic use of veneers and inlays.
Some time in the distant past (probably in the 50's or 60's) the
cabinet was painted over in a yellow color. In order to return it
to its original likeness the cabinet was stripped, grain-filled,
stained, finished in lacquer and then rubbed out. It now has a
lustrous finish allowing full appreciation of the quality and
craftsmanship that went into its construction. A metal tag on
the bottom reads "installed by Tupper Lake Electrical Corp" (NY).
Likewise, the electronics were neglected to the point that the
radio did not play. The radio circuits were repaired and upgraded
with reliable modern replacement components. The radio now
plays with remarkable sensitivity, (picking up stations several
hundred miles away), clear audio (no hum or distortion) with
plenty of volume.
The clock was returned to operating condition by cleaning and
re-lubing it.
The missing dial cover and soiled and torn grill cloth were replaced.
The original knobs and backing are still present.
This beautiful radio should find a place in any collection.