1939 Transogram Game of COOTIE Vintage Rare Board Game

Fresh from an estate sale is a very rare game of Cootie. This version was put out by the Transogram Company of New York in 1939, 10 years before the 3-dimensional version of the game by the Schaper Company which started selling their Cootie game in 1949. The game is in very good condition with some wear showing on the box cover and bottom. The white spot near the top left corner of the cover is w the paper is torn off. Some corners are split and some have a bit of old masking tape on them. The cover has killer graphics. I love the depiction of the kids playing the game. The playing board is in very good condition. Almost all the pieces are present. I think it is missing one wooden green eye and several legs and tails (the little round sticks). The directions are printed on the inside lid. The paper board has holes in it which hold the eyes, legs and tail. If you are a Cootie Collector this rare version of the game is a must have.

Wikipedia info about Cootie - Schaper's game was not the first based upon the insect known as the "cootie". The creature was the subject of several tabletop games, mostly pencil and paper games, in the decades of the twentieth century following World War I. The Cootie Game fashioned by the Irvin-Smith Company about 1915 was a hand-held game that involved tilting capsules into a trap over a background
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