1940 Schwinn Prewar Autocycle Super Deluxe Bicycle

From my personal collection, I need to make room for another bicycle. Restored about 10 years ago by Quas Gandolfo in Green and Tan, my 1940 Schwinn Autocycle Super Deluxe serial number G08526.� � This bicycle was purchased, by me from a Stingray collector in Pa.� Original parts but was hand brush painted “old man” orange as so many older bicycles have been. Restoration was badly needed.This bike is equipped with everything as found including Crossbar speedo, with both EA buttons (buttons may be repop, as the old ones were crushed) Alumn crossbar is nice and unmolested, nice Schwinn Speedo showing 1007.3 miles.� Fender bomb is nice and all original.� Dual Headlights were cleaned but look like original chrome. Front and Rear drum brakes and with orig correct handles.� Lobdell rims have been chromed and laced with stainless spokes for display. Original Torrington 10 pedals with new blocks. Coke Bottle grips with Red Glass Reflectors, Locking fork with keyAll Chrome has been re-plated with the exception as noted above. � Every Cad piece including all bolts, washers, nuts has new cad plated. After the paint was applied, the bicycle was hand striped.� My only change was to have the undercarriage of the seat chromed. � Small dent /scratch on rear fender near rack, bike fell over and hit another bike, does not detract. � The overall look ... read more