Don't Miss out on owning this Extremely Rare Collectible. Give it as a gift to yourself this holiday season or give it to someone that you you really like, and I mean really really like! :).

I do not believe this particular ring has ever been on the market before!!

Up for bid is a FANTASTIC 1940 Supermen of America Premium Prize ring.

Mathematically, this ring is considered to be the rarest superhero collectible item known to this day.

I have read several different stories of exactly how many are in existence today, and from what I gather t are only approx 13 - 17 of these rings known of in the world!!

I believe only 1,600 of these rings were originally awarded.

This ring was issued in 1940 by DC Comics and was promoted in the early Superman Action Comic issues. (I have read that it was the #3 issue and the January 1940 issue in particular).

This features Superman on the face of the ring breaking a chain. The words "SUPERMEN OF AMERICA MEMBER" circle around Superman. On the left side of the ring is a planet of some sort and the right side of the ring shows two lightning bolts.

The outside border of the face of the ring still has alot of the silver plating left.

The red enamel is about 95% complete to the naked eye in the circle around Superman.

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