1940s Ann Corio Burlesque Stripper Program Strip Tease

18 page souvenir program from stage show "Sleep It Off" with Ann Corio, famous strip tease dancer stripper of the 1930s and 40s burlesque circuit. Excellent condition, cover has a slight, slight bend at center. Many old time actors were in the show, most importantly Ann Corio, from her official website: "By 1936 Corio was a star in the Minsky theatres in New York City, drawing a star salary during the depression. At the time, t were distinct line of business for dancers: (the chorus and featured strippers and teasers) The feature strippers undressed down to a g-string and pasties, but the teaser "She is alwyas about to undress, but she never completely fulfills the promise of her eyes and hips," wrote David Dressler in a 1937 study of New York Burlesque. Like her contemporary Gypsy Rose Lee, Corio was a teaser. Corio claimed never to have done the bump and grind. As a headliner in the burlesque circuits of the 1930s, Corio was a favorite of Harvard students at the Old Howard Theatre in Boston and Supreme Court Justices in Washington DC. In the 1940s Corio left Burlesque claiming that the shows were increasingly lewd and less professional." She later went on to preserve the traditions of burlesque and many of the original dances with her show "This Was Burlesque". A fascinating woman! And smart too. This program inside the cover reads: ... read more