1940's Jerywil Wov-N-Wood Picnic Basket - Complete

This 1940's Jerywil picnic basket is complete. The basket is marked Jerywil Wov-N-Wood on the inside of the cover and has a removable in insert. The plates and cups are also marked Casual Ware Jerywil.T are 6 each of stainless steel knives, forks and spoons all with bakelite handles. The elastic that holds the utensils is a little stretched around two of the spoons and two of the knives which is to be expected considering its age and use. The other utensils are held firmly in place. T are 6 plates and 6 cups... each have 2 light green, 2 dark green,1 red and 1 grey. One dark green plate has a piece missing on its edge that was evidently broken at one time (see last picture). Other than that, all the other plates and cups and silverware are just fine. The basket is missing one side band on the end (see picture). Everything else is t and in good condition. The picnic basket is 21-1/2" long and is 12" high and about 11-1/2 " deep. T is a brass clasp that closes the top and it also has a brass chain to keep the cover or lid from going too far back when opened.