1940s Joerns Brothers Walnut Dining Room Set

Selling Grandma's walnut Dining room set in the Chicago area. Comes with a China cabinet, Buffet, 65"x41" table with 2-3 leaves, and 6 chairs (2 with arms). The China Cabinet and Buffet you could use today and they would make a couple of nice pieces for your dining room. The buffet you would likely need to cover with some doilies or so forth, but it is pretty. Refinishing the top I doubt would be difficult.
Condition of everything is as follows: China cabinet: Very nice, few if any dings on it, scratched on the side as shown (oops). Buffet: Decent, but the top is somewhat scratched as shown. Table and leaves: Pretty rough, will need to be refinished. Grandma used to rest on one side, and wore off the finish. See picture. Chairs: Pretty rough, need refinishing. I have taken pictures of the best of them and of the worst. I tried to include some detail to give you an idea about them. The set was made by Joerns Brothers furniture in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and was purchased in the late 1940s I believe. It was purchased at a furniture store at 3300 W. Roosevelt Road in Chicago (I found the bill of sale and still have it someplace in the basement). It seems as if this was pretty decent stuff, the details and workmanship are phenomenal, and as I recall it was pretty pricey even for back then. It was the pride of Grandma's dining
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