1940's Pedestal Western Electric Bell System Telephone

8 3/4" x 5" x 5 1/4" 1940's rotary desk top pedestal style Bell System Telephone. The receiver is a hard plastic and the base some type of heavy metal. The underside of the receiver reads "Bell System made by Western Electric F1." The phone is in very good condition except for the receiver. On one end of the receiver t seems to be plastic broken off around the speaking part. On the hearing part t is only minor chipping. The wall plug wire is missing that is attached to the inner body of the phone. It retains about 95% of its original paint. The rotary dialer works freely and returns when dialed to its original position. It still has the metal round frame in the center that displays residence's home telephone number but it is missing the clear plastic cover that fits inside it. I have no way of telling if the phone works or not and so I am selling it as is. It has a great appearance and has been well taken care of. If you have questions please ask. Modest reserve!