1940's Roy Rogers Signed Autograph Photo~RARE Early Autograph

This is a photo of Jack Wade and Roy Rogers, taken in the 1940's. The woman to the left of Jack Wade is Betty Tubbs - the man to the right of Jack Wade and Roy Rogers is Kid Fletcher.

I am the Grandson of Professional Cowboy of the Canadian Hall of Fame Jack Wade

This comes from my Grandfather's personal effects, as my Grandfather passed away in 1994.

I am very interested in strong collectors that will carry this artifact on with the significance it deserves.

Thank you,

Robert Wade Stanford

Jack Wade listing in Canadian Professional Rodeo Hall of Fame

Jack Wade was born June 6, 1910 at Wakefield, England and came to Halkirk, Alberta where he lived until 1936, with three sisters and six brothers.

He started his rodeo career in 1925 at Battle River, Alberta, riding mane hold mounts. He claims he made more money there in two days than ranch work paid in two months.

For ten years he farmed and took in most summer rodeos in Alberta. In 1932 he trailed a chuckwagon and some bucking horses to Calgary. One horse, Typhoon, won the Calgary's best bucking horse money. Jack drove chuckwagon for a time in the Calgary Stampede, until 1936, when he entered his first rodeo in the U.S.

Jack went to Sidney, Australia in 1938, winning the Steer Wrestling, returned in 1

Some of Jack's accomplishments were All Around Cowboy 1936 in Dauphin, Manitoba and winning the Pendleton Round Up. He also won:

World Bronc Riding - 1939
Calgary North American All Around - 1940
Calgary Steer Decorating - 1940
Calgary Steer Riding - 1940
Calgary 2nd Bareback Riding - 1940
Calgary 1st Bareback Riding - 1942
Iowa State Fair All Around - 1941

He married Jeffie Gray of Hardy, Arkansas on June 2, 1942 in Little Rock, Arkansas. From 1947 to 1953 he judged in Calgary as well as St. Paul, Minnesota, Omaha, Spokane, Ponoka and Stettler, to mention a few. Having quit the rodeo run in the early 1950's and finding little work in Canada, they moved to California. Here Jack drove an Auto Transport for 17 years.I will cover all shipping costs - autograph will be required despite sale amount.

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