1940's Slingerland Radio King Snare Drum - Cloud Badge

Very Rare 1940's Slingerland Radio King Snare Drum - cloud badge - 14"x7"
The White Marine Pearl is in excellent condition, yellowed only slightly and evenly. Beaver Tail lugs are slightly pitted but otherwise in good shape.
There are two extra holes in the shell above the strainer I have no idea why. (please see pic) One of the bridges has been repaired and is missing four screws, Please see pic (but very easy to obtain).
Some Radio King snare drums were produced with 3 ply shell construction, this is one of them. (Preferred by many over the solid shell model).
The drum also features Chrome Over Brass engraved double flanged stick chopper hoops.
Overseas bidders please email me for a shipping quote.
A great investment. Check out the link below for a recently sold Radio King