1940s Stearman Junior Bicycle very rare

This is nothing short of fantastic. Stearman was known for their model and peddle planes and ofcourse their aviation and defense ventures during WWII. They did make a bicycle as well, and believe me it is hard to come by. These bicycles are sought after by collectors and Stearman enthusiasts alike. There is two unique qualities that separates this particular bicycle to others made around that time.

It is belt driven. This gets collectors salivating because the belt can be replaced without hurting the value.

It is also made of magnesium. I love this. How rare is that? Naturally it is very well made; you can clearly see the quality and feel the quality of Stearman. What is astonishing is how light weight this bike is.

This bike was last auctioned in 2006 and brought over $300. It has been a while since we've seen one, so do not miss out. Thank you for viewing our auction.

The lucky buyer can pay with paypal, check. I ship out every Monday and Friday.