1940s Western Flyer Huffman Bicycle Orig Beach Cruiser

This is a Western Flyer girls, 24" bicycle, sold in Western Auto Stores. It looks to be late 1940s or early 1950s. It has rear facing drop outs and a 1/2 inch pitch chain. It is not "skip tooth".
Western Flyer did not manufacture bicycles.
This one was manufactured by Huffman ( Huffy). The chain ring, chain guard, frame and some other parts are a dead give away..
Although this bicycle has been repainted, it is mostly original with many good parts. The seat is not original. It takes an ordinary old girls seat, which would be easy to find.
You can ride it as it is. Nice original Western Flyer head badge. Truss rods Nice fenders with curved fender braces. Good solid rear carrier. Good chain guard. Huffman crank and chain ring.
Matching 24 X 2.125 inch Carlisle Iroquois Standard balloon tires. New departure hubs in good working condition. The wheels are not bad. They have that odd thin chrome that was used in the Korean War era. T was a shortage of chrome at that time. These same type wheels could be used correctly, on many different bicycles of the era
Nice original "razor back" stem. Original handle bars.
Original pedals with two of the rubber blocks missing. Nice 2 pie Stimsonite reflector. The same reflector came on some 1950s Schwinns, like the early Corvette.They sell well on eBay.
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