Rare 1941 US Army Backpack with steel frame

A rare piece, found in storage in SW Virginia, appears unused. Proced by Meese Co, I'm told These were only made in 1941, before Pearl Harbor, and few were sent out to the units. The rigid steel or aluminum frame was just right.

This is has been well kept except for three spots along the seam of the back pocket, w maybe a mouse had made a meal. The holes are not large. Pretty sophisticated, a snap compartment inside the top flap, shown, all the metal tips and buckles and snaps with no rust or corrosion, no open seams, fades or discolorations. pristine, unissued condition, except as noted. A 2 1/2" oil stain it looks like, darkened spot off left side.

Winner pays S&H priority/parcel post shipping, dom w/delivery confirmation, interwsted foreigbn buyer should ask for a shipping rate, app 8-9 lbs