1941 Maltese Falcon Statue Prop 10 LB Solid Lead Filled Resin Screen Accurate

Offered here is our 2016 Edition 10 pound Lead Filled Special Edition Maltese Falcon, available only from Studio 303 ™ in partnership with The Haunted Studios ™ .
This 10 pound eBay exclusive is Screen Accurate in every detail, produced with the same techniques used to create the most famous prop of all time, The 1941 Maltese Falcon Statue and presented here in a "heavyweight" 10 pound version.
This Limited Edition Anniversary Falcon was created by applying hand burnishing and aging techniques to a Haunted Studios Original Maltese Falcon™ in order to achieve a Screen Accurate replica with an authenticated history. Our Falcon stands nearly 12" tall and has a shipping weight of 15 pounds and is strong reinforced polyurethane resin, foam filled and weighted at the bottom. Ultra heavyweight and strong, designed to last a life time .

1941 Maltese Falcon
Design Evolution

Director John Huston was far from pleased when presented with the Original Maltese Falcon prop by Warner Brothers Art Director Robert Haas. The problem with the Falcon was that it looked new. Huston felt this inappropriate for a piece that had been around the world many times in the hands of greedy men.

More than 600 years travel had taken their toll, but as presented the dingus looked like it was made yesterday.

An Artist in his own
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