1941 Schwinn Excelsior Delux Cruiser .Autocycle.Phantom

I have decided to sell the majority of my antique and vintage bicycle collection. This one is a very unique and unusual 1940 Schwinn Excelsior. The Green and Black paint scheme creates alot of attention. I ahve never seen another one like it. As you see in the pictures, it has the very rare front drum brake too. The bike is extremely smooth and fun to ride. I am not, and do not claim to be a vintage bike expert. When I started buying old bikes I just looked for the nicest examples I could find and paid whatever it took. I will be listing about 30 bikes one or two at a time until they find new homes, so be certain to check my other listings. This is not a fire-sale, divorce sale, or my god I need to pay the taxes sale. This is a mood sale, and I am in the mood to free up some space, and concentrate on other interests. It's been fun. Many thanks to the fantastic response I received and consequential sales of the last four listed. T are some incredible people on ebay that recognize value when they see, and seize the opportunity.