1941 Sketch Bambi & Thumper- Original Disney Aritist ?

Bambi was originally released on August the 13th, 1942. It came during a very difficult period of American history when we were involved in WWII. This may be either a storyboard or layout drawing. The two tone image is of Thumper and Bambi on ice. This piece it is NOT a limited edition, cel, sericel or reproduction. Vintage Bambi drawings are among the most collectable and difficult to find Disney production art, don't let this one get away.This piece originally came from an estate in the area of Bisbee Arizona. I then purchased this piece from the antique store that aquired this piece. Even the hand written script used to write "Bambi" looks like the same hand writing on other original Disney pieces. T is only a small notation on the back side which I do not understand. The sketching was obviously done by a professional and is not a tracing but free hand work. I cannot guarantee the artist or the date it was created but I believe this could be an original lost piece of Disney history of the 1940s era . I reserve the right to end the auction early! I do have some research that is ongoing on this piece. I am selling without reserve but I am not giving this piece away. I would much rather leave it to a grandchild then surrender it to a last second esnipe for $10.00. If you are a collector of Disney art you will love this piece! The ... read more