1942 and 1948 NY License Plates, attractive Repaints

Offered are a contrasting pair of old NY license plates that would look great in your garage or den. Larger than modern tags at 13 x 6 1/4, both are repainted and bright. The 1942 is a single plate year, the second was kept by DMV (they were already made when we were attacked at Pearl Harbor), and restamped and repainted in 1944. The 1948 was issued in pairs. The 42 plate was painted using masking tape for the digits and spray paint, and is very nice but slightly rough edges to paint, could be 'rubbed' with compound and would be perfect. Also, the die punched thru the digit '2' in the date, the steel was not ductile enough. The 48 has some light pitting, top right corner a bit of filler, and has brush painted numbers, edges not perfect and could be made much nicer with a bit of black RustOleum. I repainted these about 5 years ago, when I was first learning and experimenting how to get it right. The 42 was in my office, and the 48 in my garage since then. Hopefully somone can enjoy them next. Buyer to pay $5 for Priority mail shipping to any US address, accept PayPal, check, or money order. Happy collecting and have fun ! ALPCA 9284