1942 GI Combination Scorebook for M1 Rifle - BAR - More

This item is a must have for the serious WWII GI Infantryman Collector. you have a 1942 Marksman's scorebook to record shooting performance with three light infantry weapons. The booklet is called the Combination Scorebook for U.S. Rifles, M1903 and M1 and Browning Automatic Rifle, M1918A2. The scorebook is for the Garand and Springfield Rifles as well as the venerable BAR. The booklet is in excellent condition and has had only slight use. The GI's name appeared to have been Perham. Tfore, you may be able to research the name and t is the potential for provenance. The War Department issued the booklet. T are instructions on how to use the scorebook. The text includes computation of windage, slow and rapid fire blank recording sheets to document performance and examples on how to fill out the sheets. The scorebook takes you right back into time as you view the importance placed on how to shoot. GIs were schooled to shoot at targets w the Germans were schooled in suppressing fire in volume, so that their machine guns could take the fight to GIs. The book measures 5.5 by 2.75 inches. It is a must have to complete your WWII GI collection. First Class Postage in a padded bag with delivery tracking slip would be fine in lieu of my standard US Postal Service Priority Mail. This WWII 1942 GI Combination Scoreboard for recording shooting ... read more