1942 METRONOME Jazz Swing Magazine DINAH SHORE cover





34 pages

Vintage World War II era Metronome music magazine with a great Dinah Shore cover , the FIRST issue of Metronomre to feature a female artist on the cover . Dinah was the first singer to break away from just being a vocalist in big band and go solo. Nice classic picture of dollface with a rolled bangs hairdo. But there's plenty more swell stuff inside this magazine, all the dope on the hep cats and kittens that were makin' the scene as it was happening. Here's a short list of some of the highlights:

Scott's CBS Band Makes Debut Sans Four Stars Halt Gov't War Against AFM Kid Ory, Famous Armstrong Trombonist Returns to Active Duty More Band Dough for U.S.O. Slush, Anemic or Insincere Adaptations banned by British Radio Shellac Out for Discs Teddy Powell Signs Up with Glaser Auld Won't Air for Free; Gets Fired Capitol Presses Shellac-less Popular Discs Benny's Changing His Band Again, but even HE Isn't Sure Now Bottle Break Up Battle of Swing Metronome Heart Throb of the Month - Gerry Larson Wallace, Local 47 Prexy, Backs Petrillo All the Way MacEachern's Little Band Debuts Luigi Romanelli Dead at 56 Dinah Shore has Improved the Lot of Singers A LOT New Men Improve Casa Loma Band New Men Improve Donahue Band Sound
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