HISTORY of my jar:

The Smiley Cookie Jar has been in my family since first purchased by my grandmother in 1942. It was passed on to my mother in 1950 and I have had the jar since 1980. The jar has been carefully packed for the past 20 years. The only reason for selling the jar is due to I have 3 daughters in college and they need help with purchasing text books.


Shawnee Pottery Company, origined in Zanesville , Ohio in 1937. 'Buy American' campaigns were important to buyers, thus laid the foundation for Shawnee to produce pottery and dinnerware for the United States. Terrace Ceramics bought the Shawnee molds when the company went out of business in 1961. Tfore, some jars might look like a Shawnee mold, but were made by and marked Terrace Ceramics. The quality and design of the jars are definitely different and will usually not be confused with the real thing. Although everything "Shawnee" is collectible, cookie jars are especially popular. The Smiley pig, Winnie pig, Muggsy dog, Puss n' Boots and Dutch Jack and Jill were some of the more popular jars produced by Shawnee Pottery. Smiley, in his many variations, is one of the most "wanted" jars of all for cookie jar collectors, not only Shawnee collectors. A collection doesn't seem complete without at least one or two Smileys. Since gold-trimmed
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