10" x 11 1/2" ~ GLUYAS WILLIAMS Cartoons from 1943


This Auction is for "1" Original Drawing ONLY

Unique Offering of this "One~of~a~Kind" Piece called "PALS"

**Typical Boys being Boys ~ Perfectly Captured by Gluyas & they'll Probably Forget Tomorrow**


I have Found 39 Original Signed Gluyas Williams Comics from 1943. When you look closely, you can see all the Original Pencil Drawings in the Background, there are places where he eliminated a Tree or House and some of the captions are redone. There are some finger marks from handling as shown.

Each is Marked with a BELL SYNDICATE Label on the back as to what Size it will be when Printed.

The Fronts are Hand Marked as to Which Newspaper will Publish the Piece, I believe. I think 750 is the Morning and 500 is the evening but I could be wrong. Some of the Captions have been changed and Glued on as are the Titles. Some of the Labels have come Loose as shown.

The Subjects are Every day happenings with Kids, Sports, School, Family, and the War Effort; Just the little things that happened in Life back in the 1940's.

Some Pages have Notes on the Back Written by Gluyas Williams.

These are Really Just an Awesome Find and I will be selling them individually but if you have a
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