1943 Student Pilot Handbook

Student Pilot Handbook

By Jack Hunt and Ray Fahringer - Copyrig ht 1943

I bought this book from an estate auction for the original owner, Henrey A Egrind. Mr Egrind had a long career as a Navy pilot and flew in WWII he than upon retirement became a priest. Needless to say the auction had a lot of interesting items. It included not only his medals but military items he had collected thru his years on up to his certificates for joining the priesthood. I really wished I had purchased more. Anyway the inside cover has his name, 12-5-43, his unit 308th and his instructors name written in ink. The book binding is tight but the corners are worn plus the front cover has a crease in it, I saw a couple other copies of this book on ebay that also had a crease in the same place, must have been a factory defect.