1943 Three Barrel WW II Back Crackle Zippo Lighter

This auction is for a 1943 World War II Zippo lighter. This Zippo was originally covered with a black crackle paint which is now nearly all gone from the surfaces of this lighter. Notice the three barrel hinge which puts this lighter at 1943. However, the insert is unmarked which means the insert was probably left over from 1942 and used in this lighter. The flint wheel has horizontal grooves as it should. The cam spring is strong. The three barrel hinge is tight. The flint tube is clear and unobstructed. The Zippo imprint can be detected on the bottom of the case. Overall, this is a still nice example of a probably war-used Zippo, one that I believe the winner will be very happy with.

For domesticbuyer, Priority Mail ($5.45). For international buyer, International First Class Mail ($5.45).

Item will be mailed upon receipt of PayPal payment.