1944 Fort Wayne In. 750th Railway Operating Batt. Book!

is a very nice paperbound booklet in quite fine condition overall, measuring app. 6 & 1/4" by 4 & 3/8". Consisting of thirty-two pages not counting front and back covers, it's rather clean, showing only mild wear, the tiniest paper split t the bottom of page 30 only. Entitled "750th Railway Operating Battalion - Army Transportation Corps", the cover has "Camp Thomas A. Scott - Fort Wayne, Indiana - September - 1944" at the bottom. Inside it begins with "the fighting words of that popular song of the army railroad battalions" and is followed by tons of information about the group. T are sections for "Headquarters Company", as well as for Companies A, B, and C, followed by twenty pages of officers and enlisted men's names. Really a swell piece of World War II railroad memorabilia! $3.99