1944 PRR Calendar by Dean Cornwell, not Grif Teller

1944 Dean Cornwell's "Forward" Pennsylvania RR Annual Calendar w/full tear-off calendar and description sheet at the top.

Excellent Condition - has been stored in a 34" shipping tube.

We were now in the heart of WWII and the railroad had turned to a patriotic theme in 1944 just as they had in 1943 and commisioned Dean Cornwell to do the second of his two calendars. Other than the first 2 Pennsy calendar commisions, it was only durung the war years that Teller did not paint the calendar.

This painting highlights both Uncle Sam rolling up his sleeves to work as well as the PRR at work supporting the war effort. This was no time to be promoting passenger travel or vacations in Florida.

This is one of several calendars I will be listing in the coming days. This is titled the "Forward" and is in excellent condition. Very little edge wear, both hanging tabs are there, metal top and bottom are not bent, all calendar pages and information sheet at top still attached. Small thumbtack holes at top and bottom.

Other calendars will include:

Year Artist Cal Note Title Condition 1980 Grif Teller Yes Yes Tribute to Grif Teller Very Very Good - rolled 1951 Grif Teller Yes Yes Main Lines of Commerce Poor, bottom and right side crumpled 1953 Grif Teller Yes Yes Crossroads of Commerce EXCELLENT
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