You are bidding on a GEM Brilliant Uncirculated 1945 Philippines Mint Set. (4 Coins)

* Low Mintage

* Estimated 70% of mintage Melted by communist countries

* 50 Centavo has a mintage of 18,120,000

* Brilliant Spinning Luster

* Excellent Surfaces

This is a complete set of 1945 coins (4 Coins), including the 1945 S 5 Centavo in 64/65 , the 1945 D 10 Centavo in 63/64 , the 1945 D 20 Centavo in 63/64 and the 1945 S 50 Centavo in 64/65 . All coins show minimal marks. All grades are my opinion , but I believe all four coins should grade out at my grade when sent in to a reputable grading company. Please check my feedback. All of these coins were wrapped in Original Bank Wrapped Rolls from the "Central Bank of the Philippines" and come from my dad's collection. T are virtually NO distractions on any of these coins. My grading comes from some flatness on the highest detail from being in these rolls for many, many years. Every coin is very "Flashy" and show a Brilliant Spinning Cartwheel with EXCELLENT EYE APPEAL . The 10 Centavo contains 2 grams of .750 Silver, the 20 Centavo contains 4 grams of .750 Silver, while the 50 Centavo contains 10 grams of .750 Silver. You will not find a nicer set on eBay . Please check the latest feedback on the last 1945 Philippines Coins from my dad's collection.
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