1945 General Eisenhower Boy Scout Paper Salvage Campaign Medal Home Front

This listing represents a first for me. Here you have a World War II 1945 Eisenhower Boy Scout Medal for the 1945 Home Front Paper Salvage Drive to support the war. The pin back medal is in excellent condition.

The pin depicts a bust of General Eisenhower. Embossed around the circumference is War Service 1945, Boy Scout General Eisenhower Waste Paper Campaign. The medallion is suspended from a ribbon bar. The ribbon bar has a pin back mechanism with needle and cradle. The reverse has a proclamation that is difficult to read because of wear to the actual medal.

Salvaging metal, fats, and paper on the Home Front was critical to the war drive. This 1945 Campaign encouraged Boy Scouts to salvage waste paper. Contests were encouraged to stimulate salvage. While my Dad was in the Navy, his much younger little brother, my Uncle, participated in paper salvage drives. Using my Dad’s little red wagon, my uncle won the contest in our home town. He was awarded a Marine Corps K-Bar Combat Knife (he was grade school age of all things) and later in life he presented the knife to me. I still have it.

The 1945 Boy Scout Eisenhower War Service Medal is just what you need to complete your WWII Home Front Presentation. It would look terrific worn or displayed in a shadow box. The buyer can opt for a padded bag and First Class Postage.
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