is a single burner military stove, model M1942. Stamping in the upper part of the stove reads: U.S. M-1942-MOD PW 1-45. I think the PW stands for Prentiss-Wabers, the manufacturer, and that 1-45 is the manufacture date. Comes with 2 piece aluminum storage case. Case has some corrosion on the inside, but no holes through it anyw Case also has dents and scratches, and shows signs of it having a stove stored inside of it. The bottom of the case reads: U.S. CM MFG. CO. 1945. It is difficult to read the "CM" and the "19" part due to scratches. When all closed up, it measures about 8" tall and about 5" in diameter, a good size for backpacking or camping.
Stove appears to be pretty complete, although it is missing the knob on the flame control lever, see pic please. Comes with original wrench, which stores on a special peg on the stove. Also included is one extra used jet. In the special "secret storage" area, located in the tank pump, t is a brand new jet and 2 very hard pieces of rubber which were replacement parts for the non return valve of the pump. T are no other spare parts. I oiled the pump and the pump pressurizes the tank and the tank holds air and it hisses when the valve is opened. I have not tried to put fuel in the stove, and I have not lit the stove, so I can not say how it works. I am not really sure what fuel it uses-
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