RARE! 1946 Hand Painted Cleminson Pottery Child's 19 pcs. Tea Cups/Plates~Signed

RARE! One of a kind!!!
1946 Hand Painted Cleminson Pottery Child's Tea Cups & Plates
These tea cups and plates were bought from an estate sale in San Gabriel Valley, CA from the grandson of Carolyn R. Schrimer who worked at the "Cleminson Pottery Factory". I was told by her grandson "these cups, and plates were specially hand painted, and made for her grandchildren when they were children in 1946~they are a rare one of a kind, collectible set"! The miniature tea cups have hand painted on the sides~the names of Carolyn's grandchildren "Robbie" & "Diane". The bottom of the four larger children plates have hand painted "CRS, 1946" with imprint of "Cb" (an older Cleminson Pottery Mark), and the four smaller children's plates have etched "CS" on the bottom (not all the pieces are signed). These plates and cups are unique, and vary in sizes & designs. One of the tea cups has a 1" hairline crack. Lots of pottery marks, pimples, dimples, flea bites, soil spots, one of the miniature plates is slightly warped, and there is crazing (please see pictures). All the pottery imperfections is what makes these children's tea cups, and plates JUST ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! A MUST HAVE SHABBY CHIC "CLEMINSON POTTERY" COLLECTIBLE!!! DON'T MISS OUT!!!
4 Miniature tea cups measure
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