1946 Reynolds Rocket Ballpoint Pen, Mint Condition!

Mint Condition 1946 Reynolds Rocket Ballpoint Pen with Original Packaging, Sales and Use Brochure and Original Sales Receipt

This is the most complete and most "mint" condition Reynolds Rocket Ballpoint pen that I have ever seen. The color is a perfect anodized blue with silver colored trim. The clip clearly says, "Reynolds Rocket", and the slider end over the ballpoint tip shows no wear of any kind. The pen, does not write, like all other Reynolds pens from this era. This pen was originally purchased on December 16, 1946 at Jordan Marsh Company in Boston, MA according to the original sales receipt and the Service Agreement and Instuctions for Proper Care of Your Reynolds Rocket Ball Pen!

The pamphlet is 16 pages long and each page is a window into the beginnings of one of the most controversial companies of the modern pen era. The original sales receipt is faded and not all of the information can be seen, but how cool is it to have that extra little bit of information. The top edge of the receipt shows ink staining as does the bottom cap of the cardboard outer case. It appears that the pen was stored inside the packaging and that it, like most Reynolds pens, leaked most of the ink out.

This pen is 7 and 3/8 inches long from the top to the bottom of the slider when closed. Wow! The pen is approximately
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