This is an incredible, super lustrous, complete 14 coin 1947 P,D+S mint set! All the coins are in full, gorgeous choice and gem mintstate condition! The ultimate in high quality! There is one dazzling example of every denomination made from all 3 mints! (No 1947-s halves were ever made.) All coins are totally original and problem-free, with NO: cleaning, corrosion, dents, rim nicks, porousness, darkness, ugly or unsightly carbon spotting, toning or cloudiness! The attractive black mint set holder gives the set terrific eye-appeal, and keeps them air-tight and well protected (even for long term storage.) An incredibly gorgeous, full 14 coin, complete 1947 P,D&S mint set! This would make the ultimate gift for someone who's birth year was 1947, is a collector of mint sets, or just to put away as a certain winning investment for yourself or your child! The early mint sets have been going up in value, as more investors turn to sound commodities over the risky and fragile stock market! Buy this set with confidence and peace of mind; we have over 1500 positive feedbacks from over 1300 unique buyers (and over 200 repeat buyers,) all referring to our accurate descriptions and grading, low prices, fast delivery times (usually same day turnaround,) and customer satisfaction! We also guarantee that our grading is 100% accurate, and your ... read more