1947 "Egyptian Scroll" Singer Featherweight 221

Singer Featherweight 221“Egyptian Scroll” Face Plate Serial Number AG984442 February 19, 1947

My husband and I are moving to smaller quarters and we have to downsize our collections a little bit to get everything in. We have been together for almost 30 years and both of us are enthusiastic collectors of anything old and beautiful, so you can imagine that we have quite a few things to sell.

We love to collect vintage Singer sewing machines. My husband does the cleaning and tuning and repairing of our treasures when we bring them home, and he keeps a large stock of parts on hand to do so. He has a lot more machines and parts and attachments and accessories than we will have room for in our new home, so most will be appearing here on eBay.

This Singer Featherweight shows evidence of her working life with a dull clear coat and some faded decals, but she is a truly wonderful sewing machine. Personally, I think that nicks and scratches and rubs add to the appeal of antique things, and the best part about owning a machine like this is that you can use her every day without worrying about keeping her finish in perfect condition.
The beautiful “Egyptian Scroll” Face Plate is as shiny as it was the day it left the Singer factory in 1947. We have included lots of photographs so you can see exactly what you’re
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